Civilian: AK-47 Course
Tuition: $100
Four Hour Classroom Session plus Range
Limited to eight students

Requirements: Student owned AK-47, 100 rounds, three magazines, hearing & eye protection

The AK-47 rifle is one of the most popular battle rifles ever developed. Lightweight, durable and extremely reliable. Master gunsmith Jason Shade shows you complete disassembly and reassembly procedures.

We'll also cover basic and advanced shooting techniques. Grip, stance, trigger control, sight picture, and practical shooting positions.

You'll learn how to load, unload, and sight in your AK-47 (range fees are additional and approximately $12).

All participants will receive the "Assaut Weapon Manuals" CD.
CD Contains:
69 Assault Weapon Manuals
37 Misc. Manuals
101 Targets
All in printable PDF format

Assault Weapon Manuals:

M1 Garand, M1 Garand Sniper's, M14 & M14E, M24 Sniper
Armalite ~ AR10/M15, Armalite ~ 18 (180), Auto Ordinance Tommy Gun, Barret ~ Anti~Armor Gun ~ Patent Specs, Browning ~ 30 MG, Browning ~ M2 50 BMG ~ Bushmaster ~ Bullpup, Bushmaster ~ XM15, Carl Gustav ~ SMG, Century Arms ~ L1A1, Cetme, Clayco ~ AKS, Dragonav ~ SVD, European American Arms ~ Saiga Series, Fabrique National ~ FAL, Franchi ~ LAW12, Franchi ~ SAS12, Franchi ~ SPAS12UK, Franchi ~ SPAS12US, Franchi ~ SPAS15, Galil, Heckler & Koch ~ MP5, Heckler & Koch ~ SL8~1, Heckler & Koch ~ UMP, Heckler & Koch ~ USC, Intratec Tec9DC, LAW Anti~Tank Rocket Launcher, Lewis MG, M16A1 A2 Training, M16A1 Cartoon (Vietnam Issue), M16A1 Operations, M16A2 Maintainence, M16A2 Operations, M203 Grenade Launcher, M204 Grenade Launcher, M60 MG (1998), M60 MG (1970), MAC ~ 10/11, MAC 10~11 SMG, MG34 (German), Norinco ~ 75 Round Drum, Norinco 86S Bullpup, Norinco ~ Pre~Ban Mak~90, Norinco SKS 1993, Norinco ~ Type 84s AK, Olympic Arms ~ AR, Olympic Arms ~ OA, Olympic Arms ~ Pistol Calibers, Polytech ~ AKS, Romanian ~ AK~47, Sig ~ 57, Sig ~ 90 ~ Sig SG 550~551 (German), Sig SG 552 (German), SKS ~ 56, SLR 95~96, Sten Mk I II III, Sten ~ MkII, Steyr Aug (German), US Army AK, US Army SKS, Uzi, Valmet ~ M76, VEPR ~ AKS, Walther MP,

Field Manuals:

Army Survival, Sniper Training, Urban Operations, Ammo Explosive Safety, Ammunition Data Sheets, Interigation, USMC MG How to, US Army Small Munitions Weapons Training, Weapons Training (SOF),

Misc Goodies:

Advanced Technologies Folding Shotgun Stock, AK Receiver Plans, AR Lower Plans, Ballistics Logsheet, Daniel Suppressor Patent Specs, War Trophy Guidelines (1965),

Optics Manuals:

Aimpoint ~ Comp & Model 7000, BKL Scope Mount Model 253 AS, Bushnell Elite, Bushnell Elite Mil Dot Reticle, Bushnell Specification Sheets, Bushnell Sportsman, Bushnell Sportview, Bushnell Trophy, Colt 3X 4X Scope, Elcan (Civilian), Elcan (Military), Falcon Scope, Leapers 4X20 Scope, Leupold Owner's Handbook, M68 Close Combat Optic, Reflex Sight, Reflex 2 Sight, Simmons Red Dot, Simmons Rifle Scope, Tasco ProPoint 3, TC23~11 Starlight Scope and 101 Printable Targets!


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